2011 Holiday Craft Exchange

Sometime after Christmas, a package came in the mail to the river house, where I was staying for the holidays.  My mom brought it in, and called into the next room, “Who do you know in Kentucky?” I replied, a bit confused, that I didn’t know anyone there.  But when she said I had a package from someone, I realized it might be my holiday gift from the Offering of Love’s Holiday Craft Exchange  and jumped up excitedly to find out what it might be.

It was! And in the package I found a lovely set of ornaments from Kara, of My Other Car is a Crane, along with a card and a handwritten message with holiday creatings.   There is nothing quite like receiving a package in the mail. She apologized for being late, explaining that some personal issues and full time grad school had delayed her sending out the package.  I know all about the stress of grad school in December, so completely understand, and my family doesn’t take down our tree till way into January, so the ornaments immediately joined an assortment of other animals on our tree. 🙂

(Please excuse my poor photography skills! Took them quickly before leaving for Mexico.  Finally got a chance to upload them today.)

Purple Squirrel
Bluebird chilling with a Cardinal

The craft exchange was a lot of fun to participate in. I had a lot of fun making my gift, though sadly it seems that it might have gotten lost in the mail, as I haven’t heard anything from the recipient about it. Maybe I need to get out the llama wool and do some more felting if that is the case!


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