Holiday Craft Blogger Exchange 2013

When I went home to UP yesterday to pick up some things I forgot to bring with me to my parents that I need to take to Ecuador, I had a huge box waiting for me. My gift from An Offering of Love’s Holiday Craft Exchange had arrived! Wrapped inside mountains of bubble wrap, safe and sound, was a jar of Mexican inspired hot chocolate and an adorable day of the dead themed bird ornament.

20131231-110006.jpg (I am sorry that this photo does not give the beautiful patterns on the bird justice!).

I was touched by the care and attention to detail (and my interests) that had gone into this gift from Nutella at 1 in Vermillion. Furthermore, it turns out that we were neighbors (or near neighbors at least) until recently and didn’t even know it! Such a small world.

Thanks again to An Offering of Love’s for hosting this year! I can’t wait to do it again next year.

To see what I made for the exchange, go here:
Fresh Start Around Every Corner . My little snow-man looks so happy on her tree. :)

4 thoughts on “Holiday Craft Blogger Exchange 2013

  1. Oh hurray!! I’m so glad you got it. I had wondered if perhaps you were out of town. Just glad everything is where it belongs now. I’m sad we didn’t get to know you before we moved. I had a lot of fun making the bird, may it brighten your tree for years to come!

    • I have heard there are other lesbian/queer families in my neighborhood, but haven’t met anyone yet. I am a single queer woman whose children will not be here for a while, alas…but would love to meet queer people in the area beyond other graduate students. (And outside of the bar scene). Plus love kids (and babysitting) and it is nice to be around families that look like mine will one day. Maybe I should post something on the UP community list-serve about queer related socializing…

      Anyway, thanks again for the bird. :) Happy New Year!

  2. Check out Greenbelt Pride on yahoo groups and FB. It isn’t as active as it once was, but will connect you to lots of other folks locally. Not everyone is in Greenbelt, lots of folks in College Park, Laurel, Riversdale, Hyattsville and beyond.

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