Don’t Give Up: Advice from a 7-year-old trans girl

I have been reading Gendermom’s blog for about a year, and love her writing on what it means to raise a transgender girl while navigating a sexist and cissexist world.  She has also begun to create podcasts and videos to help educate and share her story.

Her latest video is advice from her daughter, M. about not giving up. I love how M. explains the concept of “transgender,” as well as the difference between being a boy who likes pink things, and being a girl.  She tells other trans kids to not give up, and asks parents to listen to their children. It’s awesome. (And the illustrations by Marlo Mack, aka gendermom, are great too).

Watch it here. 

Marlo Mack’s video: “How to Be  A Girl” is also excellent, and explains her journey towards accepting her daughter.  I have seen it used at conferences, and it clearly captures her experience of being a parent of a trans child.

(Photo credit on “Don’t Give Up”: Marlo Mack)


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