2016: Listen and Flow

Instead of a new year’s resolution, for the last couple of years I have picked a word (or words) to carry with me through the next year. The idea is that this word will help shape my life, my goals, and my thinking. In 2014 I chose “Breathe and Lead with Love” as I sought to bring calm and mindfulness into my life. In 2015, I continued this idea of mindfulness, with “Trust and Focus,” words which have also helped as I have been dissertating.

Now it is almost 2016, and time for new words. For a while I was thinking about the word “possibility” which seemed appropriate for this next year as I finish the dissertation and prepare for the job market.

The word “listen” has also been bouncing around in my head, after a conversation with a loved one about how she just wants someone to listen to her, rather than trying to create a solution to her feelings. This word also contains echoes of the same sentiment of mindfulness as breathe, trust, and focus. Then, in a conversation about words for 2016 someone mentioned the word “flow,” which I love for its brevity and sound. I also like it for the idea of movement, momentum, and meditation. “Going with the flow.” While it would be possible to have three words, that seems too many, (I am already breaking the ‘rules’ with two) and flow, to me, captures the sense of “possibility” within it.

So here’s to a new year, and new words. Listen and flow.


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