An LGBTQ Wizard Camp!

I have added this camp to my list (under arts and theatre camps), but wanted to write a separate post, because I think it is so neat that this camp exists. Imaginorium Rainbow Wizard Academy, an LGBTQ Wizard camp in Rhode Island, will run from July 8-19th! It looks perfect for LGBTQ nerds/geeks, especially LGBTQ Harry Potter fans. The organizers describe it as “A place for LGBTQA+ middle school and high school students [6th-12th grade] to connect with other geeky queer youth and create change in the world. ” Allies are also welcome. It is a day camp, running from 9 am to 3 pm every day. I love how they have organized the workshops around Harry Potter-esque theme/class titles, including Potions (affirming personal identity), Herbology (meditation and relaxation), History of Magic (workshops on LGBTQ history), Muggle Studies (how to talk about identity with non-LGBTQ people), and Care of Magical Creatures (self-care and mental health). The program is designed by a trained gender and sexuality educator, and the campers will also work on an activist project together. The organizers encourage kids to sign up for the full two weeks, but there may be some one week slots available. They also welcome LGBTQ campers to join for a third wizarding week with their regular camp. The cost for two weeks is $350 and some scholarships may be available. There are also discounts for families with multiple children attending, and for participants in multiple Imaginorium programs. I bet this camp is a ton of fun!

Also, in other camp news, Brave Trails was named on Outside Magazine’s list of Best Camps.

And now, I must get back to grading!

Cover photo by Joshua Newton on Unsplash


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