LGBTQ Summer Camps 2020 List

OCTOBER 2019: It’s that time of year again! Even though it feels like summer (2019) just ended, many summer camps open their registration in October, which means it is time to post my updated list of LGBTQ summer camps for Summer 2020.

This list, first published in 2015 and then updated annually since 2018, continues to be the main reason that folks land on my blog, and the 2019 list has been viewed almost 20,000 times this year. Looking at my blog statistics and seeing that folks have searched “LGBTQ camps near me” or “gay camps for teens like me” brings me so much joy! I am glad that people have found this resource and I hope that you are able to find something that works for you or your family!

The list includes traditional week-long summer camps, 3-4 Day Retreats, themed camps (music, art, sports, spiritual), and camps for college students, families, and adults. For each camp, I have provided a synopsis, cost info, and dates when available.

I am calling this post “summer camps” to maximize search analytics but some of these camps meet in the fall, spring, and winter.  As camps update their information about registration, dates, and prices over the next few months/next year, I will continue to edit the list. And as always, I welcome comments and emails letting me know about new camps or camps that I have somehow missed! (Or letting me know about broken links/typos/incorrect info. I do my best, but this is a mammoth document, and I make mistakes, and URLS change). Please note: currently this list is for LGBTQ-specific camps. I know that there are also an increasing number of LGBTQ-friendly and affirming camps, and at some point would love to add a section/list for the ones who are doing that important work of inclusion as well but for now don’t have the capacity to keep another list.

As some of my long-time readers know, I hope to one day add my own camp to this list. My dream is to organize an arts and theatre summer camp for LGBTQ youth on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Please be in touch (jessica dot vooris at gmail dot come) if you would be interested in supporting this kind of project or want to be on the contact list for your family/child!

In May 2019 I also created a map for a quick glance to see if there are camps near you. Note that some of the locations are aproxímate as many camps keep their exact sites private for safety reasons. LGBTQ Summer Camp 2019 MAP! (Note that I probably will not have a chance to update this for a while, although I am hopeful that many of the 2019 camps will still be around in 2020).

NOTE: This is a long, long post, with many camps listed and many details! For a quick, easy to read chart see TSER’s list of camps. Some of the links are broken, but it is mostly up-to-date, and gives a lot of info at a glance. I have also created a Table of Contents for this post below if you want to jump to a specific category rather than scrolling all the way through.

JANUARY 2020 Update: Thank-you everyone who has emailed me about your camp in the last month or so, it is exciting to watch this list continue to grow! Please keep sending recommendations my way through email, or through a comment directly on this post. (Direct comments are great because they increase the visibility of the post in Google algorithms!)


1. Week-Long Summer Camps

2. Weekend/3-4 Day Retreats

3. Art, Music and Theatre Camps

4. Spirituality-Based Camps

5. Sports-Focused Camps

6. POC Specific Camps

7. Camps Outside of North America

8. College Students

9. Camps for children with LGBTQ Parents

10. Family Camps (For Parents and Children to Attend Together)

11. Summer Camp for Adults!



Camp Aranu’tiq for trans kids is a part of Harbor camps, which also includes Camp Seneb for kids with dwarfism. Camp Aranu’tiq is for trans and gender-variant youth. They have overnight summer camps (one week, two weeks, and three weeks in June and July) for transgender and gender-variant youth aged 8-15 years. Unfortunately, due to so much interest, as of 2018 new campers can only enroll from age 8-13. Fourteen and 15 year olds must be returners–note that family camp counts as “returning.”

They also started a camp program for counselors in training, which replaces their “leadership camp” for 16-18 year olds, and they host two family weekends in the fall, Labor Day Weekend and the weekend before. They are located in New Hampshire, and have a beautiful 116 acres property on a lake! Camp activities include swimming, kayaking, arts and crafts, campfire songs, archery, Gaga (a form of dodgeball), drama, birdwatching, D & D, storytelling workshops, and more. They emphasize kids just being kids and having fun at a “traditional” camp, there are no formal conversations about gender/sexuality. In 2019 they celebrated their tenth summer. Full Camp Cost for folks who can afford it: $1100 per week. Subsidized rate (no questions asked): $775 per week. Scholarships available for folks who can’t afford the subsidized rate.

2020 Dates:
3 weeks: June 28th-July 18th
2 weeks: June 28th-July 11th
1 week: July 12th-18th OR July 26-August 1st

CIT Info: For 2019 “graduating seniors” (age 16, “A’s”): June 26 – July 11 (preferred) or July 24 – August 1
For returning CITs (“B’s”): July 24 – August 1. cost: $725

Camp Brave Trails. The first leadership camp for LGBTQ youth and allies (aged 12-20) in California, Camp Brave Trails had their first camp in 2015. They have one week and two week sessions available in California, and also host a one week camp in western Maryland. Activities include a low ropes course, swimming, archery, culinary arts etc, along with workshops on activist storytelling, gender identity and expression, body image and self-esteem, Lgbtq history, and drag make-up. The whole camp also participates in a day of service. This camp highlights the importance of leadership skills and learning about social justice. Select campers aged 18-20 will have the opportunity to participate in the Unicorn Justice League, building leadership skills and leading a few workshops. Brave Trails also hosts year-long programming for their campers, including Brave Space–once a month get togethers–and a mentoring program where youth are paired with an adult counselor/mentor for a year.

Cost: $1050 for one week, $1500 for 10 days (MD), and $2100 for two weeks. Fundraising/Financial Support available. There is an $20 app fee.

2020 Dates: 
Session 1 – California: June 20 – July 3, 2020 (Two Weeks) 
Session 2 – California: July 8 – July 14, 2020 (One Week) 
Session 3 – California: July 19 – August 1, 2020 (Two Weeks) 
Session 4 – Maryland: August 11-August 20, 2020 (10 days)

Épanouie: Pasadena, California. A day-camp (10am-2 pm) for trans-feminine youth ages 10-12. Épanouie is 5 days, and youth will connect with others who have a similar gender journey to them, having a ton of fun playing indoor and outdoor games, making art, and engaging in team-building activities. Activities focus on increasing resilience, while also “providing youth with skills and information for body positivity and puberty awareness.” Organized through a collaboration between the Los Angeles Gender Center, the Institute for Girls’ Development, and the Center for Transyouth Health and Development at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Cost: early bird–$570 (till June 9th), then $610. Bring a friend discount of $50. Some partial scholarships available.

Dates: June 29-July 3rd 2020

Camp Fire/Camp Waluhili. Tulsa, OK. Alongside other programming, Camp Waluhili hosts an LGBTQ+ specific camp for campers aged 8-17. (16-17 years olds are in the CIT program). “This camp is for youth of all genders, gender expressions, sexual and romantic orientations, and to the youth allies who support them.” Like many camps, youth engage in a variety of fun activities (which they decide on daily), and build strong friendships. Camp Fire has a strong commitment to diversity, especially around disability, and LGBTQ identities, as they want to make sure that every camper is able to come to camp! Cost: $385 per week. (If I am looking at the correct info). Limited camperships are available, but due to high demand, no full scholarships are available.

2020 Dates: June 28-July 3.

Camp Indigo: Oakland, CA, and Boulder, Colorado. (Two locations!) This day camp is organized by two different age groups, 4-12 year olds, and 12-15 year olds. There are scholarships/financial aid available.

For the 4-12 year olds: “Camp Indigo follows a structured model of learning and play. Kids are grouped by age and rotate into art, science, maker, and outdoor play classes. Campers can interact and play across age groups at snack time, lunch, and during our all camp activities!” COST: $400

For 12-15: This year Camp Indigo is collaborating with The Venture Project for a week of wilderness learning, as well as an overnight hiking trip. This is for the first week in both Oakland and Boulder. “Join us for a week of trekking, wilderness survival skills, and a hike-in overnight camping trip with other trans and gender diverse youth. Professional explorer and wilderness First Aid certified leader, Graham, will lead our expeditions!” Then for the second week in Oakland, the camp is organized around the idea of Top Chef. “Food brings us together! Come together in community as we chop, dice, and saute our way to good food. Trips to farmers markets, kitchens, and menu creation are the name of the game. We’ll finish our week with a meal for our respective families – completely prepared by our teen campers!”  COST: $450

2020 Dates:
Boulder: June 1-5
Oakland: June 22-July 3rd

Camp Laurel: Bear Lake CA. FREE. One of the only free LGBTQ camps out there, sponsored by the Laurel Foundation which has been supporting and running free camps for youth with HIV/AIDS for the last 25 years, and in 2017 started a camp to support trans and gender nonconforming youth. Open for youth aged 10-17; provides a safe space for youth to be themselves and to be mentored by adult trans role models. See an article about the camp here. Again, it is FREE. (Funded through several big corporations including Wells Fargo, which I understand could be a sticking point for some folks). Early enrollment period for returning campers and low-income campers is from December 10, 2019 – February 1, 2020.

2020 Camp Dates:  JUNE 22-27, 2020

Camp Lightbulb. Provincetown, Los Angeles, and New York City. This camp “celebrates LGBTQ youth 14-17, and 18-20 with magical, overnight experiences.” They began in Provincetown, Massachusetts in 2011, and have been expanding since. They also have a Winter Camp in LA, and launched their first New York City camp during Spring Break 2018. This year they will host their first “summer school” camp in NYC, which will be held in August. Prices vary depending on which camp you select (Provincetown week sessions are $1150), and 40% of campers receive partial or full scholarships. Camp is always organized around six elements: “camp fun & art & the outdoors & community & well-being & service.” Camp Lightbulb also connects campers to the rich LGBTQ history and LGBTQ communities in each of the sites where their camps are held. Unlike many camps Camp Lightbulb is not completely cell-phone free, campers are allowed to use them at specific hours of the day, which may be considered a bonus for many campers and families!

2020 dates:
Provincetown: Session 1: July 5-11, Session 2: July 12-18, Session 3: July 19-25th
LA Weekend Camp: June 12th-14th.
NYC Weekend Camp: June 26th-28th.
LA Family Camp: Memorial Day Weekend, May 22-25th
Provincetown Family Camp: Labor Day Weekend, September 04-07th

Camp Lilac. Ohio. A week-long camp for transgender youth aged 12-17, organized through TransAction. The purpose of the camp is to provide a safe, nurturing, youth-led environment and participants can do a variety of traditional camp activities, including arts and crafts, high-ropes course, and archery, as well as trans-specific workshops. Cabins are organized by age not gender. This is one of the newer camps, and I am glad to see they are still active. Cost per camper is $850.

2020 dates: June 14-20, 2020.

Camp OutRight.Vermont. This is a week-long residential summer camp in Starksboro, Vermont for lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual, queer, questioning, and allied youth aged 13-17. Youth aged 18-19 are encouraged to join the counselor in training program. They have room for 60 campers, and campers are in gender-inclusive bunks unless they select to be in a gender-specific (feminine-identified or masculine-identified) bunk. Camp activities include traditional camp fun like archery, swimming, boating, tennis, as well as arts and theatre, and social justice related workshops. Cost: $625. There are a limited number of partial scholarships available for VT youth who are in financial need.

Rainbow Camp: Arkansas. Diverse Youth for Social Change Camp for LGBTQ and Allied youth aged 13-22.  This summer camp is a chance for young people to develop their leadership skills and build community. I confirmed through email that this camp will be happening in 2020! For more info email:

Camp Rainbow Phoenix: PFLAG Durham, Ontario, Canada.For LGBTQ youth aged 13-17. “Youth Leadership Camp focuses on building and nurturing the leadership potential and personal resiliency of youth in an effort to help them become agents of positive social change in their schools, families, and communities. ” This camp is FREE, and is funded through donations from the community.

2020 Dates: July 20-24th

Camp Speers YMCA LGBTQ Week: Outside Philly, PA in the Poconos Mountains. This YMCA is hosting it’s first LGBTQ week in Summer 2020, for LGBTQ youth, allies, and children with LGBTQ parents, aged 7-16. This will be a safe space for all campers to have fun and participate in traditional camp activities while building confidence and focusing on the four YMCA values. Cost: $965, contact them for financial aid.

2020 Dates: June 21st-26th.

Camp Ten Oaks: Canada. Two locations, one near Ottawa, and one closer to Toronto. This is a “sleep-away camp for children and youth ages 8-17 from LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, two-spirit, queer) identities, families and communities.” It is the first of its kind in Canada, and opened its doors in 2005. Camp is a week long, they offer two different sessions, and have expanded to a second location recently! (And also now have a Family Camp and Project Acorn, a camp for 16-24 year olds, see below in the Family Camp and 4 Day Retreat sections for more info on these programs.) Activities at Camp Ten Oaks include sports, waterfront activities, hiking and nature exploration, as well as social justice discussions, and they believe in empowerment through play. Recognizing that summer camps have traditionally been white spaces, Camp Ten Oaks is working to be a more equitable space, and has hired a consultant to help with the recruitment, retention and support of BIPOC volunteers, and are committed to confronting racism and white privilege. [wow, this is the first camp I have heard to do this!] Fees: $750-1300. There are different tiered options for folks who can pay more to support other campers, or who cannot afford the full $1200.

Summer 2020: TBA (In 2019, 1st session was end of July, second session was end of August)

Camp Ten Trees. Pacific Northwest. This was one of the first camps for LGBTQ youth, and they have grown tremendously since their beginning in 2001. They have a week-long summer camp for LGBTQ youth, as well as weekend camps in the Spring and Fall for LGBTQA youth aged 13-17, and also a summer camp for youth and children (aged 8-17) of LGBT and non-traditional families. In 2019, they had their first trans-specific week for trans, gender-variant, and non-binary youth. This camp is social justice-oriented, and along with the typical camp activities, the campers will engage in age-appropriate workshops that explore identity, oppression, social justice, and activism. For select older campers, aged 16-17, there is a change to gain leadership skills through the LEAD camper program. Tuition is based on a sliding scale from 100% of tuition to 35% of tuition. Pay what you can. Full scholarships also available.

2020 Dates:

Session 1: LGBTQ2S+ & Queerspawn Youth, ages 8-12, August 16th-20th, 2020
Session 2: LGBTQ2S+ & Queerspawn Teens, ages 13-17, August 21st-26th, 2020
Transgender, Nonbinary, & Two-Spirit Youth (Trans Camp), August 28th-Sept. 1st 2020

Camp True Colors. Willow River, Minnestoa. This camp is organized by One Heartland which serves youth of different social identities who may be navigating isolation/stigma in their lives. True Colors is their camp for LGBTQ youth and in 2020 they will host 4 separate sessions! Camp activities include canoeing, fishing, arts and crafts, scavenger hunts and talent shows, as well as educational sessions on matters pertaining to the LGBT community.

2020 Dates:
June 21-26, ages 12-17
June 28-July 3, ages 7-17 (specifically for trans/gender-expansive youth)
July 5-10, ages 12-17
July 19-31, ages 13-17 (2-week session)

Camp Unicorn: Pasadena, CA. A summer day camp (1pm-4 pm) for trans and gender non-conforming kids aged 6-10. Connect, create, empower! “Join others on a similar gender journey for four days of arts, crafts, games, and unicorn magic!” Includes a unicorn pop bake-off, face-painting, water balloons, and a magic show. Organized through a collaboration between the Los Angeles Gender Center, the Institute for Girls’ Development, and the Center for Transyouth Health and Development at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Cost: early bird: $360 (till June 1st), then $385. Bring a friend discount of $50. Some partial scholarships available.

2020 Dates: June 20-23rd

Welcome Friend Association’s Rainbow Camp:Summer camp located in Northern Ontario, Canada for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer questioning, 2 spirited, plus and Allied youth, their siblings and children in Queer families, aged 12-17. They also have a two week Leaders in Training program for youth 18-19. This camp includes traditional camp activities as well as workshops that focus on gender, sexuality, health, community, leadership, and creating safe spaces.  This is one of the cheaper camps. Although it costs approximately $1000 per camper, cost is only $350, due to fundraising, and there are additional subsidies available and travel funds if needed. LIT: $500. (I assume these are Canadian dollars). Registration opens in January 2020.

2020 Dates: 
July 5th – 10th, 2020
July 12th – 17th, 2020
July 19th – 24th, 2020
July 26th – 31st, 2020

Camp YouthSeen: Colorado. A camp for LGBTQ teens on “61 acres that offer a mix of alpine, prairie, and riparian ecosystems. ” Camp provides a space for interdependence, friendship and community belonging, and campers are supervised by dedicated counselors who provide a safe space for youth to be themselves. Cost is only $250 for the week, and scholarships are available.

2020 Dates: July 25th-August 1st

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ASPYRE Camp: Greensboro, NC. A Safer Place for Youth to Reach for Excellence (ASPYRE) Leadership Camp is for middle-school and high-school LGBTQ and allied students to learn how to make a difference in their schools and communities through team-building activities and presentations. Due to donations, cost is only $25 per student.

2020 Dates: March 20-22nd.

Camp Aurora: Manitoba, Canada. Hosted in Whiteshell Provincial Park, this is a weekend retreat for 2SLGBTQ+ youth aged 14-19. This is an inclusive environment for youth to themselves and feel supported, while doing the typical summer camp activities like canoeing, swimming, crafts, s’mores, a talent show, and more! Cost: unknown, but one of their goals is to support youth of different socio-economic backgrounds.

Dates: August 16-19th 2020

Camp Dragonfly: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. “Camp is open to kids who are trans+, Two-Spirit, genderqueer, non-binary, gender creative, agender, gender diverse, and all gender minorities, along with their siblings and friends who are between the ages of 6-13. Join us for a day and a half of arts and crafts, dance, music, sports, and more.” Note that this is a day camp, not a sleep-away camp! Cost: $50 per kid. $125 cap for families sending more than one kiddo! If cost is a barrier, please get in touch.

2020 Dates: August 21-23, 2020 

Camp Eclipse: Newfoundland, Canada. “Camp Eclipse: OUT in the Woods”takes a strength based, harm-reduction, and solution focused approach to the issues faced by lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender (LBGTQ) youth,” and provides a space for youth to build relationships, find support and have fun! For youth 16-24, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Info from 2015: Cost is $400, youth and families are asked to pay what they can. Minimum $25.

Summer 2020: TBA (Held in August in 2019)

Camp FYrefly.Canada. Founded in 2004. This camp  is a 3-4 day educational, social and personal learning retreat with camp locations in EdmontonCalgarySaskatchewan, and Ontario. They seek to honor the Indigenous land that the camps are located on, and acknowledge continuing colonial violence. They are open to Campers who are lesbian, gay. bissexual, trans*, genderqueer, non-binary, two-spirit, queer, questioning, pansexual, asexual, and allied youth between the ages of 14 and 24. “fYrefly is an acronym which stands for fostering, Youth, resilience, energy, fun, leadership, yeah!”

“The Camp, guided by an arts-based educational philosophy, is jam-packed with dance, drama, music, writing, visual art, empowerment and reflection exercises, anti-oppression work, personal growth opportunities, healthy socialization, and in-depth learning activities about specific youth topics and social issues. In sum, Camp fYrefly’s programming focuses on four key areas: leadership, individual development, socialization, and resiliency.”

There is a $25 app fee, and the fee for the camp is $300.They will not turn anyone away because of financial need. See 2019 Dates here

Glitter Camp: Olympia, WA. Organized through Stonewall Youth, although you don’t have to attend Stonewall Youth to attend Glitter Camp. For LGBTQ+ youth aged 12-21.”At camp, there will be youth-led workshops, an open mic, free time, plenty of great food, opportunities for nature walks, storytelling, and sitting by a cozy fire. We spend some time visioning Stonewall’s future programs, as well as engaging in community building, anti-oppression, and self-care centered activities. We’ll all share the pleasure of cooking, eating, and cleaning together.” Cost: $170. Pay what you are able.

2020 Dates: sometime in August. Stay tuned!

Camp OutDoors: Based in Phoenix and Prescot, AZ. “Out of the Closet and Into the Woods.” This is a camp for LGBTQ youth aged 11-24, and is one of the biggest LGBTQ youth camps in the nation. They have a 5 day session for ages 11-17, and another one for ages 11-24. This camp is aimed at helping youth build leadership skills, work collaboratively, and create community. “Camp activities vary and evolve each year and range from educational workshops on topics like “LGBTQ History” and “Non- Violent Communication” to community activities like our 250 person drum circle, horseback riding, and zip-lining.” FREE to all. Youth are housed based on age, not gender or sexual orientation.

2020: TBA

Project Acorn (Camp Ten Oaks):”a radical community-building space for youth aged 16-24 from LGBTQ+ identities, families, and communities. This 4 day retreat is full of workshops, urban camp-like activities, and connecting with other youth. Cost is $300, and there are subsidies available.

2020 Dates: TBA (held in July in 2019)

P10/Project 10 Summer Camp: Montreal, Canada. P10 runs an annual bilingual weekend retreat in July which gives 2SLGBTQ+ youth aged 14-25 the chance to connect with each other, relax, and have fun in the woods! Activities include hiking, swimming, s’mores, a talent show, crafts, sports and more. In 2019 they hosted a staycation in Montreal instead, which included lots of adventures around the city. I confirmed through email that they will be hosting camp again in 2020, details to come on the website. Cost $5-275 (Canadian dollars), sliding scale.

Dates: TBA for 2020.  

Camp Rainbow at Echo Pond, Newfoundland, Canada. For trans, gender-creative, and two spirit kids aged 7-15. (This is the youngest overnight camp I have seen). 3 days, in 2018 it was held in July. Cost is $100, and funds are available for those who need them. Siblings of kids under 10 are also able to apply, although trans/gender-creative kids will be prioritized. Kids will participate in traditional camp activities, and learn about gardening, solar power, and wind power. Camp provides a place for them to build confidence, make new friends, and have fun! No info about 2020 yet.

Sam and Devorah Foundation Retreat: Berkshires, MA. This organization hosts several different weekend retreats for trans youth. Next year they will host a Teen Retreat for youth aged 13-17, and are also in the process of organizing other events as well. From a description of the 2018 retreat on their website: “[T]eens participated in support groups, yoga, educational workshops such as legal issues, and a gender journey session. Interspersed were recreational activities including a rope course, nature walks, art projects, and a giant campfire with singing, skits, and s’mores. A hairstylist was on hand giving participants gender-affirming haircuts. The counselors and teens spontaneously organized a drag make-up night as well as a late bunk night where teens were encouraged to ask the counselors anything and everything about being trans. Connections and friendships sprouted everywhere; a safe, caring and supportive community formed.”

Cost: Estimated $175-200 (they are finalizing 2020 costs now). Full and partial scholarships available.

Dates: Teen Fall Retreat, October 2-4th 2020  

Camp Ten Trees. Pacific Northwest. Along with its week-long summer camp, Camp Ten Trees has expanded to hosting weekend camps in the Spring and Fall for LGBTQA youth aged 13-17 as well as a summer camp for youth and children (aged 8-17) of LGBT and non-traditional families.This camp is social justice-oriented, and along with the typical camp activities, the campers will engage in age-appropriate workshops that explore identity, oppression, social justice, and activism. See website for fall and spring dates–see above for summer camp dates.

Camp Unirondack’s QSA Retreat Upstate New York. A weekend for LGBTQ high-school students to connect and have fun, and talk about LGBTQ issues. $40 per person if accompanied by an adult adviser. $60 if coming as an individual. I learned about Camp Unirondack (A UU Camp/Conference Center)at the Tri-State Summer Camp Conference and their regular summer camp was one of the first in the country to offer gender-inclusive cabins, and their summer camp isn’t even an LGBTQ specific camp! They are awesome. They have many different kinds of programming, including this GSA weekend which is held in May.

2020 Dates: May 15 – 17, 2020

TYEF Youth Retreats:Weekend retreats in the summer and fall in a confidential New England location. TYEF retreats focus on providing a space for trans and gender non-conforming kids aged 7-17 (or till end of HS) to socialize, have fun, and participate in a variety of traditional camp activities like swimming, kayaking, archery, arts and more.  Cost: $250 a camper, partial and full scholarships available.

2020 Dates: TBA

The Youth Project:This camp is located in Nova Scotia and has three 4-day long camps. Note that you cannot attend both Coyote and Seahorse due to high-numbers of enrollment.

Camp Coyote is for trans-identified and gender-questioning youth age 20 and under, providing a safe space and an opportunity to meet new ppl and engage in activities like “trans-health discussions, campfires, scavenger hunts, swimming, arts & crafts, resources, and more!” 2020 Dates: TBA

Camp Seahorse is for LGBTQ + identified youth aged 20 and under, providing a fun place to be free of homophobia. “Activities include: writing, arts & crafts, scavenger hunts, support & discussion groups, resources, campfires, ghost stories, swimming, and much more.” 2020 Dates: TBA

Camp Breton: For LGBTQ + youth and allies aged 20 and under. New for 2018, and will be happening again in 2019. “YP Cape Breton Camp is a chance to get together with LGBTQ youth and allies from across Cape Breton to share experiences, spend time in a safe space, meet new people, and experience camp the way you want.” Must provide your own transportation to this camp. 2020 dates TBA.

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Ahha Tulsa’s Drag and Performance Camp.Tulsa, OK. This is a day camp for 14-18 year olds, held 9 am-4 pm at Ahha Tulsa. “From Drag Race to competitive balls in Harlem, drag performance is an enduring cultural phenomenon. Together with teaching artist Laurence Myers Reese, you’ll explore performance art through the lens of drag. Students will also engage the history and culture of drag and performance art, learn to discuss and critically evaluate performances, as well as develop your own drag persona and routines.” Laurence Myers Reese is a performance artist whose work addresses themes of the body, identity, gender, labor, and power. There are some scholarships available thanks to donations given to Ahha Tulsa. Cost is $225.

2020 Dates: Nothing available yet. I need to email and see if this will happen again.

Camp Emerald: Seattle, WA. This camp is organized by the Queer and Trans Youth Music Project, which is a new organization that formed after Queer Rock Camp of Seattle took a break for a few years to deal with racism and trans-misogyny within the organization. QTYMP continues the tradition of folks organizing to support queer youth through music and they are working hard to create an inclusive space for all. Their camp teaches campers ages 13-20 to play instruments, and at the end of the week campers perform in a showcase with the bands that they have formed. “We prioritize BIPOC and have sliding scale tuition beginning at $0 to help reduce barriers to participation. We also provide housing during camp for houseless and rural youth and those coming from outside Seattle.” While a legal guardian signature is required, Camp Emerald will work with youth who are not out so that they can safely attend. Cost: Sliding scale.

2020 Dates: TBA (Held in August in 2019)

QORDS: Haw River Summit, North Carolina. “A Queer-Oriented Radical Days of Summer” This is a 5-night/6-day camp where campers get instrument instruction, learn song-writing skills, and how to work in groups in preparation for a performance at the end of camp. Open to queer and gender non-conforming  youth or youth of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, queer, questioning, intersex, or asexual (LGBTQQIA) families, aged 12-17. There is one camp for youth aged 12-14, and one for youth aged 15-17. Campers will also attend workshops on “queer heroes, social justice, consent, gender” and also participate in traditional camp activities like dance, archery, hiking, rock-climbing, and campfires. Check out this awesome Buzzfeed video to get a sense how much fun this camp is! Founded in 2012, inspired by Queer Rock Camp of WA. Tuition is $640 plus $10 deposit, installment plans available, as well as financial aid.

2020 Dates:

July 19 – July 24, 2020 for youth 12-14

July 26 – July 31, 2020 for youth 15-17

Camp Trans Tipping Point: Victoria, BC, Canada. This is a biennial retreat organized by the Victoria Pride Society which allows trans youth to connect with other youth, and creatively express themselves. The work they wrote in 2019 will be turned into a book, and their artwork has been showcased in art galleries. Find out more at their website here and their facebook page here.

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The Dubois Center’s Rainbow Camp: Illinois. Started in 2015. A one day of fun activities, including swimming, horseback riding, archery, pontoon rides, and an end of the day BBQ. “DuBois Center is a place where everyone is welcomed as a child of God. Come experience camp in the beauty of God’s creation and have a whole lot of fun.Rainbow Camp is for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer singles, couples, and families. Straight allies are welcome too.”Cost $40 for adult, $35 for child. Horseback Riding is extra, and there are some early bird rates available.

Dates: August 2020

Keshet Teen Shabboton Gatherings For LGBTQ & ALLY TEENS.”Meet new friends, learn about LGBTQ organizing and identities, and celebrate Shabbat with a warm, vibrant community of LGBTQ and ally teens and adults.These peer-led Shabbaton weekends of learning, Jewish ritual, and community building are open to LGBTQ and ally Jewish teens grades 8-12.” Cost: $54 for food, lodging, programming, and group transport from select locations. Limited scholarships and air-travel help available. Dates and Locations:

East Coast Shabbaton: Spring 2020, open to LGBTQ teens and allies

Trans Shabbaton: November 8-10, 2019, San Francisco Bay Area, CA. Open to participants in grades 8-12 who identify as trans, non-binary, and/or genderqueer.

Machane Lev. This is one of the first Jewish camps in Canada for LGBTQ youth, or youth who come from LGBTQ families, and it was founded in 2018. It is for kids aged 8-16. Machane Lev means “Camp Heart.” “It’s a place where you can bring and be your whole heart. There are many ways to be Jewish. There are many ways to be family. There are many ways to be. You are valuable, and belong.” Camper Cost: $1000 (scholarships available).

2020 Dates: late August.

The Naming Project:Minnesota. Camp for youth aged 14-18 (or who have completed 8th-12th grade) who want to explore gender and sexuality in relation to their spirituality. Typical camp activities of canoeing, swimming, campfire songs, hiking, along with bible study, worship and reflection time. $350 for the 5 days, scholarships available.

2020 Dates: TBA. (Usually end of July)

Pilgrim Lodge Camp Pride: Maine. Camp for LGBTQ youth and allies (entering 10-12th grade, and recent graduates). “Camp Pride exists as a space for us to explore our identities, our faiths, and ourselves, in addition to all the regular summer camp activities like swimming, hiking, boating, arts & crafting, and enjoying the beautiful shores of Lake Cobboseecontee. We are an interfaith camp hosted by Pilgrim Lodge, a camp of the Maine Conference of the United Church of Christ (UCC).” Atheists or youth of no faith are welcome to attend, but should understand that spirituality will be a frequent part of conversation. Campers are housed by age, not by gender. Cost: $495-650. Contact them about scholarships. For an article about their 2017 camp, go here.

2020 Dates: August 9th-15th,

Camp Talahi Retreat and Nature Center:Michigan, about 30 mins from Ann Arbor. Transgender and Gender Diverse Youth Camp. Ages 13-17. “Our Transgender Youth and Family Retreat was so popular [in 2018], we’re adding a week long session just for Transgender Teens to enjoy a whole week at camp! Spend a week in a supportive, relaxing environment while partaking in traditional camp activities such as lake front, camp fires, arts and crafts, hiking, boating, and more.” Cost: $415-485 (3 tiered options). Horse-back riding and archery additional fees.

2020 dates: June 28-July 3, 2020

Spirit Pride Project: Texas.“Spirit Pride Project (SPP) exists to create a welcoming and safe community for youth and young adults of all sexual orientations and gender identities to experience and share spirituality, community and acceptance.”This camp is for LGBTQIA people, and children of LGBTQ people aged 12-30, applications are divided between 12-17 yr olds, and 18-30 year olds. Allies aged 14-25 are also welcome. Folks are housed according to age. Located in East/Central Texas, cost is $200 per camper, and they work with folks to make it possible for everyone to come.

2020 Dates: May 8-10th

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Able to Sail: Longmont, Colorado, 20 miles north of Denver. This camp focuses on building self-esteem, confidence, and a sense of empowerment through learning how to sail! They will have an LGBTQ week this summer, for any LGBTQ-identified folks aged 11-20. The cost is $345 (if you can pay) or what you can afford/donate.

Summer 2020: TBA, usually held in July

Venture Out: New England and Pacific Northwest Trips. “Backpacking and Wilderness Trips for the Queer, Trans, and LGBTQ + Community.” Run for queer people, by queer people, supporting leadership development, creating a safe space for queer and trans people to be in the outdoors, with the added goal of supporting QPOC access to the outdoors. They include youth trips for kids aged 13-19 in New Hampshire, cost is $875 and includes food and equipment. Scholarships available! They also have adult trips (see adult camps below for more details) and a Family Camp for parents (see below “children and parents”).

For lesbian folks 21 + check out Lezathlon below.

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Black and Brown Queer Camp A day camp for black and brown queer (LGBTQ+) youth aged 16-24. New Haven, CT Pride Center. FREE! This is a Day Camp, and you must be able to get yourself there every day. “During the 8 days we spend together we will explore what it means to be Black, Brown, and Queer.” Sponsored by: City Wide Youth Coalition, Planned Parenthood of Southern New England and the New Haven Pride Center. Previously known as The Children of Marsha P. Johnson; you can read about that session here.

2020 Dates: TBA, held in June usually

Get Free: A Summer Program for Trans/Queer Youth of Color:This is a FREE summer program for trans and queer youth of color aged 16-21 (as of June 24, 2020) in Oakland. “Get Free is a week-long artistic, intellectual, emotional and practical program for queer and trans youth of color that focuses on the inner work it takes to Get Free in a world where, for us—people who experience oppression based on race and queerness or transness—just surviving is a feat. Through writing, dreaming, screaming, owning up, and facing who we are, who we have been, and who we might become, we aim to start an emotional r/evolution that will reverberate throughout our lives and our communities.” Food and lodging provided. Travel funds also available.

2020 Dates: TBA

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Gendered Intelligence.Essex, UK. In 2018 they celebrated their tenth year anniversary. From their site: “We ran our 10th and 11th camps in July and August 2018. We celebrated by making camp supersized! Super Camp involved us taking 170 young trans and non-binary people aged 18-25 camping for 5 days and 4 nights…Alongside Super Camp we ran ran an 11 – 17 year olds camp for 35 young people, going for our usual 4 days and 3 nights.”

2020 Dates: TBA

Hojokamp: The Netherlands. A camp for LGBTQ + youth aged 13-25. I don’t speak Dutch, this site was suggested to me by a scholar I know from the Netherlands but here is what I was able to understand. Organized by Stichting Outway, this camp has existed since 2002. It is 6 days of different activities, including workshops. Cost: 199 euros

2020 Dates: August 2-7th

Mosaic Camp: Wales, UK. Near Snowdonia. Delicious food, good company and interesting workshops! Under 18 requires parental permission. Cost: £377. Partial scholarships available.Refugees are welcome–with the fee waived for any refugees or asylum seekers who apply.

2020 Dates: TBA (In 2019, held in August).

OASIS. near Barcelona, Spain. (website in Spanish). Their first camp was held in 2015, and their program has grown from 3 days to a week. They serve youth of diverse gender and sexual identities and expression. I can’t find information about age, but it seems to be teen/adolescent focused. They write that camp is a fun place to socialize with others like yourself, and includes workshops on different identities, comprehensive sex ed, arts and crafts, as well as workshops for parents. They also have sports activities, including kayaking and hiking, and performances by LGBTQ artists. In 2018 camp was held in early July.

“OASIS ofrece espacios de encuentro y socialización para adolescentes con expresiones y identidades de género y sexualidades diversas. El proyecto se inició en julio del 2015 mediante un encuentro de tres días que tuvo lugar en Barcelona. La segunda edición seria una semana de colonias de verano…Durante los campamentos de verano se realizarán, entre otras, las siguientes actividades:
• Talleres con temáticas vinculadas a la diversidad sexual y de género:
Educación afectivo-sexual, autoestima, herramientas para afrontar el acoso escolar, video fórum, entre otros.
• Actividades deportivas y de naturaleza: gincana, kayak, excursiones.
• Actividades creativas y expresivas
• Concierto-espectáculo de artistas LGBT
• Encuentro con referentes positivos
• Espacios de expresión emocional
• Taller con las familias de los y las adolescentes.” (Oasis dossier)

Camp OUT. Australia, near Sydney. “We are a camp for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer (LGBTIQ), and sex and/or gender diverse teens, same-sex attracted, curious, and questioning teens aged 13-17.” Camp gives a chance for youth to hang out away from home and be themselves. There are lots of fun activities, including art, movie nights, music, and sports as well as workshops on coming out, dealing homophobia or transphobia, and how to be a good ally. I love that this camp is open about having a queer lens, rejecting the gender binary, and “helping campers to queer their ideas about the future.” They are also an anti-racist, anti-ableist, and feminist organization. Cost: suggested $200, on a sliding scale.

2020 Dates: September/October exact dates TBA.

Inside Out Hui, Porirua, New Zealand. Shift is a “national hiu (gathering)” for youth of “minority sexes, sexualities, and genders!” It is for young people aged 15-20. “Hui is the Māori word for a gathering and we use it to mean an awesome gathering/queer camp! Our hui are usually held on a marae over a few days with awesome guest speakers, workshops, a talent show and all sorts of fun.” More info here. Cost is a suggested $100. Minimum $10, but folks can pay what they can.

2020 Dates: April 17th-20th.

PsyQ Transvisie Zorg. The Netherlands. Website is in Dutch, so I do not understand all the details. For trans kids, aged 12-16. I think it is a weekend camp? For more

Ruby Tuesdays, Berlin, Germany. This organization was inspired by Girls Rock and Queer Rock Camps in the USA. They run workshops and a camp for girls, trans folks, and intersex people who want to learn more about music and how to play instruments. I am not sure when their camp is or how much they cost, but I am excited to include them here!

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Camp Pride, is a camp organized through Campus Pride held in Asheville, NC. This is a leadership academy for undergraduates (from 2 year, 4 year, HBCU, southern, religiously-affiliated and TCU colleges/universities, aged 18 +), with a social justice focus and emphasis on learning leadership and organizing skills. There is a separate track for faculty/advisers called Adviser Boot Camp. Tuition cost (in 2018) $937 with early bird registration $1175 after that. Full and partial scholarships available on limited basis.

2020 Dates: TBA, (usually in July)

T*Camp: An InterCampus Retreat for Trans/Genderqueer & Gender Questioning Students. Southern California. This is a 3-day retreat for college students from different campuses to discuss gender and learn from each other. Organizers are hopeful that this will be especially valuable to students who may not have many other trans/genderqueer/questioning students on their campus. Cost: $150. Registration closes October 31st, 2019.

2020 Dates: January 3-5, 2020. Camp Pilgrim Lodge.

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Camp Highlight: Located in Wernersville, PA at a 600-acre camp facility, founded in 2010. This is a week-long summer camp for children (8-15) of LGBT parents, where kids get to meet others like themselves, and build a strong support network. Campers are housed by age. The camp curriculum focuses on the “universal virtues of peace, respect, honesty, acceptance, unity, generosity, responsibility, courage, and cooperation.” Camp activities include hiking, swimming, fishing, mountain boarding, arts and crafts and more.

There is also a Camp Leadership Academy for kids aged 16-18 to learn social skills, and leadership skills. Teens will attend workshops, go on fieldtrips, and have independent time to explore camp. In 2018, Camp Highlight ran a Family Camp in April and October, see more details below. They also host a Winter Reunion each year. Registration opens in January for summer camp.

Cost per camper: (8-15) $1099, (aged 16-18), $1199.

2020 Dates: August 9th-16th.

Camp Ten Trees. Pacific Northwest. They have week-long summer camps for LGBTQA youth aged 13-17 and for youth and children (aged 8-17) of LGBT and non-traditional families, and also hold winter and fall weekend retreats. See website for dates. This camp is social justice-oriented, and along with the typical camp activities, the campers will engage in age-appropriate workshops that explore identity, oppression, social justice, and activism.

Welcome Friend Association’s Rainbow Camp: Summer camp located in Northern Ontario for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer questioning, 2 spirited, plus and Allied youth, their siblings and children in Queer families, aged 12-17. They also have a two week Leaders in Training program for youth 18-19. This camp includes traditional camp activities as well as workshops that focus on gender, sexuality, health, community, leadership, and creating safe spaces. Although it costs approximately $1000 per camper, cost is only $350, due to fundraising, and there are additional subsidies available and travel funds if needed. LIT: $500.

2020 Dates: 
July 5th – 10th, 2020
July 12th – 17th, 2020
July 19th – 24th, 2020
July 26th – 31st, 2020

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For FAMILIES AND CHILDREN to Attend Together

Camp Aranu’tiq is a part of Harbor camps, and hosts two family weekends for families of transgender and gender-non-conforming youth (Labor Day Weekend, and the weekend before Labor Day Weekend) as well as week-long overnight camps for kids 8-17.

Camp Born This Way: Southern Arizona.  A weekend-long camp for transgender and gender-creative children aged 5-16 and their families.  A place that is safe for all to express themselves, and for parents to find support. $50 a family. Scholarships available. Website is out of date. Given that this camp has been around for a while, I will keep it on the list for now, but may take it off in a couple of months if there are no updates.

Camp Brave Trails. California. In 2018 Brave Trails hosted their first family camp weekend for LGBTQ parents and their kids. There were yoga classes, parents-night off, hiking, arts and crafts, teen adventures, toddler town, family games and more! Cost: Adults (18+):$200.00, Older Youth (10-17):$145.00, Youth (4-9):$105.00, 3-Under: FREE!

Gender Infinity has a Spring – Mother’s Day Weekend Camp in Texas for transgender, gender expansive kids and their families (May 10-12). Children under 12 can attend with their parents – children 12 and over can attend with or without their parents. All cabin counselors are transgender. Support groups and activities are also provided for parents.

Camp Highlight: Located in Wernersville, PA at a 600-acre camp facility. Camp Highlight (for kids of LGBTQ families) hosted its first Family Camp in October 2018. Now the adults can enjoy the fun too! Adults are $210 and children ages 3 to 18 are $160. Children under 3 years old may attend for free. Optionally, families may pay $690 for the whole family. Check back for 2020 dates. ​

Camp It Up!: Quincy, California. LGBT Family camp. (2020: Summer only, winter 2020 has been cancelled). Activities for adults, tweens, teens, and children. Swim or float in the lazy river, learn new specialty art skills, tie-dye, participate in the carnival, and more fun activities. Summer camp has 1-10 day sessions. Sliding scale fees, and there are different costs depending on age.See here.  They celebrated their 25th year in 2014.

2020 Dates: TBA

Keshet Camp: near Yosemite. Jewish LGBT Family camp, now celebrating over two decades of existence! A place where families can feel included and safe, and celebrate their commonalities. Keshet is Hebrew for Rainbow. Child-care available for all ages, allowing adults and children to participate in various activities like yoga, hiking, arts and crafts, S’mores, etc. Check out this great article about summer 2016.

2020 Dates: August 20-23rd

Oak Grove Family Camp (Camp Ten Oaks, Canada): “Oak Grove Family Camp is a weekend long, sleep-away camp for 2SLGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, two spirit, and queer) families who have a child or youth aged 17 or under in their care (including both those who are headed by (a) 2SLGBTQ+ parent(s) and those with an 2SLGBTQ+ child).” Fees: $375 for adults (age 18+), $300 for children and youth (ages 4-17), and $75 for kids under age 3.

Dates: TBA. Held in September.

Camp Out Camp: Southwest Michigan. This is the Midwest’s first and only lgbt family camp! They are all inclusive and have campers ranging in age from 2 months-65 years old! “At CampOut Family Camp, you define family. We are open to all families that identify with the LGBTQ community.” Held over the course of a weekend, activities include waterskiing, horseback riding, rock climbing, canoing, tennis and more. Also includes a petting zoo, which is awesome! Participants get to choose their own schedule and can focus on one activity in particular for a morning or afternoon, or can move to different activities over the course of the day. Childcare is also provided at particular times so that adults can have some child-free time together. Cost: fees are $300/adult and children 5 and up are $250. children under 5 are no charge.

Dates: August 20-23, 2020

Camp SpringForth: Alabama. This is a new family camp that will hosted its first weekend retreats in Fall 2019. Responding to the lack of camps in the South, Camp Springforth provides space for LGBTQ families (families with LGBTQ kids, and families with LGBTQ parents) to connect and have fun!

2020 Dates: TBA

Provincetown Family Camp: Organized by the Family Equality Council and COLAGE, this is one of the biggest annual gatherings of LGBTQ-Identified families in the world. (It started in the 90s!) “Family Week will include more opportunities than ever to build community and to get empowered on today’s issues. Join us for daily events or relax on the beach with other LGBTQ families.” There are many different options for a variety of age groups.

2020 Dates: July 25-August 1, 2020.

Camp Talahi Retreat and Nature Center: Michigan, about 30 mins from Ann Arbor. Transgender Youth and Family Retreat. ” Participants will spend a relaxing and supportive weekend at Camp Talahi partaking in activities such as lake front, horse activities, camp fires, arts and crafts, hiking, boating, and more. Support groups will also be available. Youth must have adult with them.” Cost: Adults: $165-195, Youth: $65-95. Under fives free.

2020 Dates: TBA

Venture Out:New England and Pacific Northwest Trips. “Backpacking and Wilderness Trips for the Queer, Trans, and LGBTQ + Community.” Run for queer people, by queer people, supporting leadership development, creating a safe space for queer and trans people to be in the outdoors, with the added goal of supporting QPOC access to the outdoors. Along with youth trips and adult trips, Venture Out hosts a Family Camp for adults and kids aged 3-12. They define LGBTQ Families in a very expansive way: “We define an LGBTQ Family as a family where any member of the family (adult or child) identifies as lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, pansexual, trans, non-binary, gender non-conforming, or more. This weekend is for any and all members of your family – kids, parents, grandparents, care-givers.” Lots of fun activities, food, games, campsites, campstoves provided. Families must supply their own tents, and personal camping gear. Cost: $75 per person/$300 per family. Scholarships available.

2020 Dates: TBA

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Last but not least, a selection of CAMPS FOR ADULTS! 

A-Camp:Started by Autostraddle, to create community, unplug, and have fun like a kid again. 5 nights, meals provided, lots of fun workshops, and special guest artists/singers. [My friend Be Steadwell has performed there in the past, and I am jealous that she got to go! Hoping to make it there one day myself]. Held in Ojai, California. Although originally for women-identified folks (and always accepting of trans women), A-Camp has grown to accept non-binary and trans-masculine individuals, including trans men, especially as some of these folks came as campers before and it seemed unfair to not include them after transition. No cis men allowed. See FAQ.;Age 18 + (with campers aged 18-70 attending, about half are under 25, the rest are mostly in their late twenties, but folks who are older also attend). Cost: $795.

“A-Camp is a unique, dynamic, ever-evolving home-away-from-home queer adult camp where we’ve cherry-picked what we like about other queer events and women’s conferences – hilarious comedy, diverse panels, a chance to learn from industry experts, the occasional dance party and the opportunity to revel in one another’s awesomeness – added heaps of our own original ideas, and found a way to serve it to you for a fraction of what those other events cost.”

2020 Dates: May 28th-June 2nd

Camp Camp:Enjoy a traditional summer camp making new friends and playing like a kid again! 2020 will mark their 24th season, and the week-long camp will be held in Maine. Accommodations are based on gender (men’s cabin/women’s cabin, and one gender-neutral cabin). Each session has about 200-250 attendees, slightly more men than women (though they strive for 50/50), ages 21-70, though most are in their 40s, 80 percent singles. This is the perfect vacation for folks who like the outdoors, being active, and meeting new people! Cost: $1675 (Options for reducing fees by being staff are available, and there are a few campership funds to help reduce cost as well).

2020 Dates: August 23-30th

Easton Mountain Retreats: New York. Easton Mountain is a “community, retreat, and sanctuary created by gay men.” They have programming for gay, bi, queer, and trans men throughout the year, with various themes, including weeks celebrating Thanksgiving, New Year, and Fall fun, as well as weeks for Bears, writers, folks in recovery, folks involved in Kink, and gay men of color. Dates and prices vary, see here for more details.

Idapalooza: Tennessee. A music Festival and community home-coming for queer folks, part of a fundraiser for the communal land community of Ida. “The ultimate goal for IDApalooza is to raise the $14,000 yearly land payment and operating costs of the festival as well as providing food, compensating bands for their performances, travel expenses for key organizers, building up infrastructure to facilitate housing residents and hosting guests year round.” There will be karaoke, a movie screening, live music, and a Talent Show. Suggested donation of $100-200 ($25-50 per day of stay, although they recognize not everyone can afford this, and want all to attend regardless of financial means).

2020 Dates: TBA (usually held in June)

Lezathlon: Summer athletic event for lesbians/womxn! Cis/trans womxn and non-binary folks can compete, all folks are welcome to be a spectator, and if you are a trans man who also really wants to compete, contact them and let them know and they will work out the details. This camp is about a love of sports and competition, and supporting womxn in Sports. You can sign up to be a spectator or a participant and there are several different passes available, including day passes. Packages include housing (cabins and yurts), transport, and food. Must be 21 + to attend. ”

2020 Dates: TBA (Held in September in 2019)

Camp Lost Boys: Cleveland, GA. A camp for Men of Trans Experience to celebrate male/masculine identities in an outdoor space. This is not workshop based or academic, it is about having fun in the outdoors! Get the chance to experience a boyhood you may not have been able to experience. Cost: $475-780 (depends on whether you are in a shared cabin or private room). Note that while there are many ways to be male/a man, this is for male/men-identified folks only, and is not a space for non-binary identified folks. “If you feel you do not identify as male or a man, this may not be the experience you are looking for and we would hate for you to be uncomfortable. There are other camps that exist and are open to a more non-binary experience of gender and we are happy to point you in that direction. ” This camp is organized in part by men of color who are paying attention to race/inclusion, and over half of the attendees the first year were men of color.

2020 Dates: April 30th-May 3rd

TransMission: California. Spring, Summer and Winter Dates. $450 (4 days/3 nights). Weekend retreats focused on healing circles, writing, outdoor activities, reflection, hanging by the pool (summer), for trans-men and trans-masculine folks. Retreats sell out quick, so be sure to sign up soon.

2020 Dates: TBA

Venture Out: New England and Pacific Northwest Trips. “Backpacking and Wilderness Trips for the Queer, Trans, and LGBTQ + Community.” Run for queer people, by queer people, supporting leadership development, creating a safe space for queer and trans people to be in the outdoors, with the added goal of supporting QPOC access to the outdoors. Their events include Winter Getaways, Nature Reflection, Classic Backpacking, Trans-masculine, and POC centered trips in NH, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts and Oregon. There are different skill levels from beginner to experienced, and prices range from $275-800 depending on location/length of trip. Check out more details here.

2020 Dates: Check out their website for the most up to date info!


Google searches, comments from people responding to my posts on Facebook, and these excellent websites/articles:

TSER Camp List (Very comprehensive, easy to read chart). 

GLAAD 2014 list of camps 

Brave Trails 10 Best LGBTQ Summer Camps (2014) 

PFLAG’s List of Youth Camps 

5 Camps for Trans Men 

LGBTQ Camps Give Youth a Place Where They Can Be Themselves in a Safe Environment


    • Thank-you! I love that a few people have emailed me or commented about Camp Indigo in the last few weeks! I haven’t had a chance to add it to the 2020 list yet, and was emailing with the directors to clarify some details but it will be up on the list soon. It’s great that other folks know about it and are supporting it in this way! ❤️

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