Support Groups

I am continuing to work on the resource section of this blog, and have most recently been creating a Support Groups page.  I am currently working on the US, but will add Europe/Australia/Canada when I get the chance. Please let me know of others that I have not listed here!

Support Groups

These are support groups for teens, children, and parents, sorted by geographical region, where you can connect with others who are going through similar experiences. Below I have listed some national sites where you can search for groups in your area, and then have listed individual groups alphabetical by state.

National Sites: 

PFLAG is one place where families are finding support.  Although originally created for families of lesbian and gay people, many chapters have expanded to support families with trans children and youth. Due to the hundreds of PFLAG chapters available, I am not going to list them all–please check out their website to see if there is a chapter near you.

Another national website to find families like yours is Rainbows At Play, created by Lori Duron, the author of Raising My Rainbow, for families of gender-creative and gender non-conforming youth to find each other. You will need to create a log-in for Lefora, but then can connect with families near you.

TYFA also has a list of groups. 

Support Groups By State: 


Phoenix. Trans Spectrum has monthly meetings for parents of trans youth 18 and under, in conjunction with a social group for the youth/children.


Los Angeles: Transforming Family has a variety of groups for parents, families, and kids of different ages. Facilitan un grupo en espanol.

The Bay Area: Gender Spectrum has a monthly, in person support group, as well as online groups, and a call-in Spanish language group.

Santa Barbara Trans Advocacy Network: Youth Groups, PFLAG group and more.

Santa Cruz: TransFamily Support, parent support groups and groups for kids 12-18.

San Rafael: Spectrum Support Group for parents/caregivers of gender questioning, gender-expansive, and transitioning youth of all ages. Second Tuesday of each month. Also have youth groups.


TYES (Colorado)  Support for Gender-Variant Youth and their Families. Works with PFLAG to hold monthly support groups and social meet-ups in different regions of the state.

Denver. Gender Identity Center of Colorado support groups.


Hartford: PFLAG Hartford has groups for youth aged 6-12, as well as 12 and up, as well as parent groups.

New Haven. Tony Ferraiolo has a support group for teens (Translations), an art group for trans and GNC kids (Create Yourself), and works with a support group for parents (TransPACT).  See more on his website. 


Arlington Heights. Pinwheels playgroup for gender creative kids.


GeMS, Boston Children’s Medical Center has a gender clinic, and while I don’t see support groups specifically listed on their website, I believe that in addition to their services in endocrinology, surgery, and individual therapy they also offer group support.

Holyoke: TransformingParents is a support group for parents of transgender, gender non-conforming or questioning, children, teenagers, and adults. We meet the 1st Thursday of each month in Holyoke, MA, from 6:30-8:00 PM. Please contact PVTransParents1 at for more information.


Howard County PFLAG. I am including this PFLAG group because I know how active they are, and know the regional director, Catherine Hyde. See the side-bar for their group locations and times.

Columbia: Rainbow Alliance Youth, supports LGBTQ youth age 13-24


Minneapolis/St.Paul Area: TransForming Family  parent and youth group support group


St. Louis. TransParent, parent support group and “Gender Independent Kid Group”

New Jersey

Highland Park: Pride Center of NJ youth (17 and under) Drop-in Hour.

New York

New York City:  The Ackerman Institute, through their Family and Gender Project holds monthly parent support groups, including one in Spanish, a children’s play group, and more. (Look under the mental services tab).

Albany: Choices Counseling holds groups for trans and gender-variant kids, teens, and adults, as well as groups for the parents of trans youth and partners of trans individuals.


Portland, Trans Active. Support groups on first and third Saturday, parents and kids ages 4 and up.


Houston: List of groups in Houston, compiled by Gender Infinity. 

San Antonio: Fiesta Youth — groups for LGBTQ youth

Vermont: Green Mountain Crossroads   in Windham County has just launched a support group for parents of LGBTQ youth, and also has a youth group.


He, She, Ze, We, a support group for families of trans and gender-non-conforming youth in the Richmond area.

Rosmy, a Richmond organization for LGBTQ youth.

Washington DC

SMYAL, an organization supporting LGBTQ Youth 13 and up, with a variety of social events and monthly meetings.

Washington State

Gender Diversity has a number of support groups in the state, as well as an online service for families across the nation and internationally who want to link into meetings via video chat.